About Us

What is Vipera Helix

Vipera Helix is a multifaceted manifesto of the occult.


All our platforms serve mainly to share chapters from witchcraft-related european folklore and history, tried and trusted herbalist knowledge, and our own (at times maybe a little bit controversial) occult methods. Another role of all our platforms is to promote ecology and sustainability by sharing tips and tricks to get closer to Nature.


Vipera Helix is also a brand and an art project that uses occult/spiritual imagery in its designs to both stimulate the subconscious mind, and to express one's inner self through the chosen imagery. The go-to fashion choice for the kindred spirit(ist)! (eshop coming soon)


A portion of our revenue also goes to local cat shelters, as that was the main motivation to go public and commercial with the brand in the first place:

Three lovely adopted cats are already a part of our little family, and while the need to adopt furry friends has been satisfied, the need to help more animals has not. That is why we pledge to give away 10% of our revenue to help provide for the cats who are still waiting to be adopted into their forever homes.


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