Hasta mudras – hand gestures that are said to affect your body by working with the five key elements (fire, water, air, earth and ether) within your body. The teachings about mudras come from Ayurveda which sees disease and other issues of both body and mind as a result of imbalance among these elements. The five elements are represented by the five fingers, and by mindfully joining different fingers together or positioning them in different ways, we can achieve all kinds of results. Find out more in this article!



Tarot reading is the most popular way of cartomancy. Read about it’s history, the most popular Tarot decks a and get some personal recommendations!

Moon Water

Moon Water is probably the most effortless way to get a supercharged ingredient for your rituals, spells, potions, anything to which you want to add a little mystical je ne sais quoi. Learn how and why to get it!