Moon Water is probably the most effortless way to get a supercharged ingredient for your rituals, spells, potions, anything to which you want to add a little mystical je ne sais quoi. The process of getting it is really very simple – just place a container with water onto your windowsill for a couple of hours during the night (ideally during the full moon), and… it’s done, really. That’s the gist of it.

Now as much as the process itself is pretty much foolproof, make sure the water you are using is safe to drink, if you are planning to consume it later.

The only difference between Moon Water and a the half-drunk glass of water you forgot on your moonlit bedside table is the INTENTION behind the action. It should be quite sufficient to just keep your mind focused on the thought of: I am putting this jar here to get Moon Water, but if you are the kind of person who enjoys/needs complex rituals and theatrics, go ahead and do just that. I am personally absolutely the other kind, as I am generally a very distracted person, and any attempt for mindfulness is beyond my reach (for now). A good way to focus on the intention is to have a special poem (whether you compose it yourself, or find it online – I am sure there are plenty to be found), or maybe a song that you will repeat as your Moon Water “mantra” until you effectively brainwash yourself into deep focus. Again, go as mild or wild as your practice requires!

You are welcome to get inspired by my own setup (in the pictures): I do a soil circle around my jar, because I like to have some connection to earth even on my urban balcony. I also like to use cemetery candles, because they are covered with a lid and won’t stop burning in the wind. This way all 4 elements are present. I also put some clear quartz around my lil’ liquor bottle, because it just felt right! The most important thing is to be happy with the whole thing, whatever your intentions are.


Use a massive jar for your moon water
for your convenience!

Mine is a 5 liter jar with a tap from IKEA,
check it out here.

Now a tip for you who enjoy astrology – look up the zodiac sign in which the full moon currently is, as that might give extra boost to some specific plans you might have with the Moon Water. Same thing goes with crystals – go ahead and boost your Moon Water for specific use, if that is your thing.

You can use Moon Water for all kinds of purposes, as I insinuated at the beginning. Popular uses include watering plants, brewing tea and potions, and ritual cleansing. I’d add cooking in general (as another secret igredient to a perfect dish besides love) and home made beauty products, such as mixing up a nice clay mask.


Instead of water,
use clear alcohol
like vodka, gin, silver tequila,
or my favourite – slivovica (on the picture).

The potions made with these
are best served
with a maraschino cherry.
*wink wink*

What do you use moon water for?
Do you have some tips and tricks to share?
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for your blog, it’s very helpful!
    I use moon water to cleanse my crystals or myself in a ritual bath. Or use it for my plants 🙂

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